Cousins Lilia and Mireya getting close to Tahlia and Maya


Tahlia's friend Hannah visits and the girls get all dolled up!

Judy survived a pretty freaky car accident which totalled her 94 Taurus wagon and we're now proud owners of a 99 Mercury Villager Minivan! (pictures of the totalled car and the minivan are below).

Judy's recollection of the accident:

May 2, stopped at a light. Got struck in right rear pretty much smushing my car and forcing it between two other cars in front of me. Turns out the driver who hit me had gone into some kind of diabetic shock, and had hit 3 or 4 other cars before exiting the freeway, probably still going highway speed, and hitting me (which brought him to a stop). He was pretty catatonic at the scene and apparently remembers nothing about the accident. I was the only one in my car, no airbag went off since it was a rear impact. I got a few minor cuts from glass from the 3 windows that shattered and some muscle inflamation which my chiropractor and massage therapist say should heal well with a weekly treatment over the next 3-4 weeks. Given the driver's state it's quite amazing that no one got killed or even injured badly. God was watching over all of us.


The driver's side of Judy's car after she walked away from the very violent crash


After looking at this damage to the car we realized how lucky Judy was that day


We had no intention of replacing the Taurus wagon, but circumstances changed that. We joined most of our friends and got a minivan, which should be nice on long drives to Manitowish Waters, Chicago, and Michigan. Tahlia didn't get her wish of a pink car.


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