Judy's Friend Vijit: In Memorium

July 31, 1960 - February 22, 2001

My friend and colleague, Vijit Ramchandani, died suddenly of a heart attack in early 2001. I worked with him for seven years at the Wilder Foundation - much of that time with our Bicultural Training Partnership where we worked with Southeast Asian individuals and agencies. Vijit was my fellow trainer and organization development specialist and a caring, wise, and generous man. His life touched many, many people. A thirteen+ year immigrant from India he had just recently become a U.S. citizen - not wanting to do so until he felt like he was contributing in a meaningful way to American society. Though many of you reading this will not have known Vijit, you might get a sense of him through some of these pictures. I'm sure his life on earth had meaning - meaning which will live far beyond even the years we had all hoped Vijit would be with us. I think of him often.



Vijit with his parents, wife (Beth), and colleagues


Vijit with the tools of the trade; a marker and a flipchart.


Smile! You're on candid camera! Vijit at the office.


One of his more pensive moments.

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