Fall leaves and Birthday Parties

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Jumping in the leaves


Tahlia invited 7 of her friends for a Barbie themed Birthday Party. Rose, Olivia, Alexis, Samantha, Hannah, Sydney, Tesla, and sister Maya, of course.

Chris decorates the cake to fit in with Tahlia's Birthday party theme

All the girls got to dress up their Barbies for the party

Tahlia blows out the candles at her Barbie Party

Maya and Tahlia show off their new robes from Grandma at Hanukka


Judy turned 40 in October, and Chris will get there in February. We decided to have a combined 40th Birthday party half-way between, and invited just about everyone that we know.

Chris and Judy at the party - can you tell which one hasn't quite reached 40 yet?

Judy blows out the candles before the whole place catches fire

Maya enjoys the 40th Birthday cake that she didn't get to eat the night before


Tahlia has started taking classes at a local youth circus - Unicycle, tight wire, German wheel (hard to explain - a round frame you put yourself in while it rolls across the floor), and globe (balancing while walking on large ball)

Tahlia demonstrates her balance (in training for the tight wire)

Maya re-arranges the scene in the manger as we get out the Christmas decorations


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